Dear colleagues,

this international course series organized by the group of experts with extensive knowledge and practical experience in application of the musculoskeletal ultrasound (MSUS) in rheumatology is intended for interested rheumatologists, musculoskeletal sonographers, with intermediate and advanced knowledge of applied MSUS working in the field of rheumatology, radiology, orthopedics, physical medicine and rehabilitation. The aim was to create a practical yet comprehensive course on how to efficiently and rationally incorporate the MSUS into diagnostic and therapeutic process as well as decision making and clinical reasoning in particular, most prevalent entities in rheumatology.

The first module of this masterclass series is dedicated to the rheumatoid arthritis (RA), one of the most prevalent and important  diseases in the field.  The course will provide evidence based and empirical based approach to the use of MSUS in RA, explained from the bench to the bedside. Semiology of detected lesions  in RA, MSUS in early and late RA, evaluation of  disease remission, US in extra articular manifestations of RA , challenging cases and hot topics in RA MSUS are some of the main topics covered.

Workshops are organized, using hi-end US systems, with real life RA patients.

Course venue is Hotel Rebro situated conveniently by the University Hospital Centre Zagreb, adjacent to two large rheumatology clinics. It is also very close to the city center, but easy to find and reach by car or public transportation.

Course directors
Miroslav Mayer
Francesco Porta